“10 Underrated Qualities That Are Ridiculously Attractive”

From Laura Donovan, “aspiring screenwriter in the Los Angeles area” and “former online media professional [??]” blah blah blah:

“When I was little, my dad advised me not to chase the cutest or most popular boys my age, as looks fade and nobody cares about one’s social standing in youth after high school ends. He wanted me to appreciate guys that were warm, intelligent and loyal, and though I spent a chunk of my college and post-graduation years doing the exact opposite, I eventually realized my father was right all along and now I get to enjoy the endless benefits of being with a kind, bookish nerd.

[Read: But not this guy. He probably wasn’t too kind. Just look at the way he holds that sword.]


We all want to find partners with wonderful qualities, but some attributes — i.e. physical appearance and professional standing — seem to be more valued than others. Here are a couple underrated traits that make for amazing significant others.”

[Note: numbering in original. Generally, numbers increase in order, unless you’re Laura Donovan or you’re counting down to something, such as New Year’s. Good memories. Without further ado:]

10) Desire to share food

9) Bedhead

8) Willingness to watch shows you love

7) Similar sense of humor

6) Calling you out when necessary

5) Being even tempered

4) Being great with children

3) Not getting grossed out by girl problems talk

2) Resourcefulness

1) Telling you that you look pretty

1) Being a trendy fit Caucasian male.

Image Image



There Laura, based on these pictures in your post, I fixed it for you! All ten are too hard to satisfy anyway–my list can’t be that much harder right?

Link here: http://hellogiggles.com/10-underrated-qualities-ridiculously-attractive/2#read





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