It’s weird to know that I am almost done with law school (or…one more year). Whoever said 2L was easier should be shot at sunrise, you see the point?

It’s been a crazy wave we’re all riding. Starting Wednesday…

1. BA final

2. Federal Prosecutor final

3. Remedies final

4. Crim pro final

5. Read casenotes and grade (and notes)

6. Druding CC

7. Turner global

8. Fang AR1B (and 2…and 3…)

9. Take car to body shop

10. Clothes shop, drive up to NY to move in

11. Drive down to Durham for graduation

12. Fly up to NY for work

13. Work, drink, eat, get fat, more Sec Reg?

14. Fly back to CA

15. Make teeth less wise, Vegas????

16. Fly back to Durham for journal orientation, spruce up the Notepad, take care of random journal things

17. Drive up to NY to move out

18. Drive down to Durham for 3L

19. Sign up for classes that don’t force ~3 hours of sleep a night

20. NSC 3. (crossing my fingers for this one)


And sometimes it feels like we’re drowning. There you have it stalkers. These are pretty much all on the heels of each other (and happening coterminously at times too).


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