The open mic video of this song wasn’t very good, but we played it again while waiting for the train.    

I’ve wanted to perform at an open mic for a while, but I’ve mostly avoided it because my voice is strangely booming and sounds kind of like the muffled yell of a beached whale, and even more so when pitch is attached to words.  And this thing called law school, in this place called Durham which may or may not have them.

But there was the omen from a very talented musician and singer friend who was willing to practice at odd hours.

And there was the omen that Lucky Jack’s had one last open mic before closing for renovations, and that their whole schtick was being emotionally bare, being honest, and being open (among other things)

When the universe conspires to give you a chance to speak, you speak.  So Rachelle, we dedicated this song to you.


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