In a flash

I don’t usually watch Smallville, but when I do, I usually watch this one (along with that moment when Clark finally strips off his dress shirt to reveal the Superman emblem after TEN YEARS).  Long story shorter and spoilerer, Clark discovers the Flash in the midst of burgling his barn.  He quickly discovers that the Flash has powers similar to his own, and in a brief flash of a teenage desire to be understood, asks the Flash to stay in Smallville.  Like any good hustler, Flash can’t give up his crime streak, but he agrees to stay if Clark can catch him.  So off they go.  Obviously, the Flash always knew that Clark wouldn’t be able to catch him, but maybe Clark knew that as well, deep in his heart.

And so it is in life, when sometimes, all you can do is stop, shake your head, and smile.  But not because you can’t catch up, but because you realize don’t need to.


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