The perks of working with the federal judiciary

Week one of being a judge’s clerk’s clerk is in the books, and it seriously feels like I’ve been here for a month already.  The devil is in the details, but since I am a religious man, I won’t go too far into them (but also because I don’t think I’m allowed to).  Even though the commute is just about as bad as I warned me, at least it’s two hours to think about how awesome this position is.  (Sidebar: there is absolutely no way to type that without sounding sarcastic.)

No, it’s not the oodles and oodles and boatloads of money the federal government pays us, nor is it the sprawling panorama of Long Island treetops from the eighth floor that is sure to make my EDNY Brooklyn counterparts purple from jealousy.  But it is solely this: behold, the pen is indeed mightier.


Caveats: this pen has a propensity for not working and looks slightly underfunded.


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