Learning to learn and other reflections on 1L

Will add to this when I have more time (i.e., in two weeks).

* * *

I’ve always been fond of excessively repetitive wordiness and redundantly loquacious circumlocution, but my outlines were surprisingly short and sweet.  Probably because I’m lazy, but I knew people whose outlines were well in the 80s or 90s of pages.  Here were mine (First three were fall, second three were spring.  I also used REALLY BIG FONT for the last three, so I guess it’s a bit skewed):

Contracts = 15

Civil Procedure = 30

Property = 25

Criminal Law = 35

Torts = 40

Constitutional Law = 35

Surprisingly, I did by far the best in Contracts (out of the first three, since grades won’t be out for another month). So for you females, length is not everything.


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