Off to the races

So on a whim (and by whim I mean because of the nice, sunny 70 degree weather), I decided to go the Durham Food Truck Rodeo.  It’s an interesting juxtaposition of hipsters and the South.  Example, overheard in dirty Durham, woman in a very thick Southern accent: “Shaved ice? When did food trucks get so fuckin’ fancy?”

It’s kinda like a rodeo, but instead of stallions, they have food trucks, and instead of cowboys, they have hipsters.  Hell, I’m usually one of the hipper ones down south of the Mason Dixon line, but my lack of mustache growing ability is seriously cutting against me here.

* * *


I’m in the middle of Durham Central Park right now, and I gotta say, downtown Durham has a distinctly Los Angelean feel to it.  Maybe it’s the sun, maybe it’s all the mustaches and tight clothes and fake nerd glasses, but I feel like I could just as easily have been driving around Hollywood after class at iO with some folk/Spanish/folk Spanish/bluegrass playing on the radio.

* * *

Parked in a $2 dollar lot.  Reminder that I’m not actually in LA.


On a side note, baguettaboutit definitely wins Best Name Award.

* * *

Too much hipster.  Too many damn mustaches.  Mustache bandanas?  A Sharpie’d on mustache on a child?  A guy who actually grew a curly mustache?

* * *


Couldn’t put a finger on it, but now I know why this seems so familiar.  LA Pride anyone?

* * *

Okay, way too many people walking around with beers.  Where the hell are you getting them?

* * *

Beer located. Full steam to Fullsteam!

* * *

I think I stopped actually writing after I had a couple drinks, but here are some pictures that I found randomly on my phone.  I mean, that I took.


So after walking around for 1 hour in typical indecision fashion, I finally settled on the barbecue place with the biggest smoker.  Yep, size matters.

* * *

I felt like I had to get something from here though…


If you’re gonna do a stereotype, get it right.  My eyes aren’t that big.

* * *


Sounds about right for Cackalacky.

* * *


So after BBQ + Fullsteam, decided to try and relive Fenton’s.  When I told the guy I wanted four scoops, he asked me if I wanted multiple spoons.  Little did he know the entire thing was for this fat ass.

* * *


This guy was awesome.  You can’t really see him, but he looks almost exactly like the painting of him to the right.  Down to the not singing part.  Seriously, he just played a bunch of old 60s songs on a stereo while singing “MMMMMM-MMMMMMMMM”s in a microphone.

* * *


And lastly, this band.  Awesome jazz band, awesome sunlight (yes, it’s been too long, sun), and totally radical awesome driving home to “Alone in Kyoto” with the sunlight peeking over the treetops as it went down.

But the sun also rises tomorrow.  And I will probably continue this three day long buzz. Whee, Spring Break!


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