“Snow Day”

Apparently, Durham averages close to 7 inches of snow each year.  With Winter Storm Iago, it blew close to half its snowy load in the course of one generous, loving night.  I gotta say, it wasn’t as sexy as I expected.  No chorus of angels singing, no snowflakes falling lightly on my jacket, smiling and saying hello.  It was actually more like an angry cold rain saying “HA HA HA! I HOPE YOU GET PNEUMONIA!”


This was from this morning. As you can see, the ground is partially white from last night’s carnage.

photo (1)

At least I didn’t use my hands this time.

And of course, the best always comes (if you know what I mean) last:

photo (2)

It’s been so long since those days.  No winter storm is complete without penis art.  I’m just happy that someone felt compelled to take the time out of what was probably a busy Friday morning to draw a shaft with a possibly horrible medical deformity.

Stay classy, Duke undergrads.


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