Improv penseive


Bull/Matador is Matt Donnelly’s signature improv scene technique that encourages scene partners to mutually accomplish the scene together while being both theatrically sound and very funny. The technique gets performers out of their heads by reacting to body language rather than over thinking about the dialogue. Comedy and tension are maintained in the scene by one (BULL) character exploiting the emotional vulnerability of the other (MATADOR) character and learning how to switch the role within the scene without changing the characters, perspectives or circumstances. Performers learn how to comically and theatrically enjoy the scene as the (MATADOR) emotionally vulnerable, voice of reality. Performers also learn how to enjoy the scene comically and theatrically as the (BULL) exploiting character of another character’s emotional vulnerability, while maintaining sympathy and likability. This workshop is especially liberating to those who have had trouble with “finding the game” in the past. This is Matt Donnelly’s answer to flaws of “game”-driven improv.


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