Go In Peace

So I’ve delayed writing this for a while, in small part because of my lack of confidence as a writer, but more so because I don’t think my words can ever fully capture how much you meant to me and how fondly I cherished our friendship.  I had a elaborate post written out with things I wanted to say, but (perhaps for the better) I left it in North Carolina, and spontaneity seems to be more heartfelt anyway.

You are the one of the closest things that I have to a kindred spirit, and it feels like a piece of myself is gone in a way that I can’t really describe.  I respect much about you; your willingness to throw yourself into helping others, your commitment to your faith, your utter fearlessness in speaking your mind despite what others thought of you.  In essence, this below.


You said this was your favorite picture of us, and I’d be inclined to agree.  It’s hard to find the right words to say, because no amount of saying how artistic you were, how great you were as a performer, or how good of a listener and confidante you were can change the current circumstances.

Perhaps the most appropriate thing for me to say right now is actually something you said; it is the name of your Honduras blog.  You said “vaya en paz”, so now go, in peace.


2 comments on “Go In Peace

  1. nhi says:

    Don’t question your writing..

    This left me in tears (for more than one reason).

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