Bloglet 1

Alright, so because this is the Hedgebl0g, and baby hedgehogs are called hoglets, it makes sense that Bloglets would be mini posts, reminders to myself or little notes to jot down, right?  So shall it be written, so shall it be done.

Oh, what’s that Suzanne Collins? The Anger Games will be finished at a later date? Poop, say all of the readers of the Hedgebl0g, including Angry Hedgehog, since he reads his own blog.

I made an improvised decision to make this first Bloglet be about improv because it’s one of the things that I’ve felt truly in my element doing and because surprisingly, playing fake people doing fake things has made a very tangible impact on who I am today.  Although I started out playing mostly short form, I play long form almost exclusively right now.  More on why I play and how I got into it later, promise.

Despite all the rejections and obstacles that inevitably come with this business (yes, unbelievable, I know), I have to say that I’m actually quite thankful for a lot of things that are going for me, especially as I’m getting more involved with the LA indie improv scene thingy dealio business thang.

Like a certain group that I had a hand in founding and am currently playing with.  We just had our debut show last Saturday and have been rehearsing (read: farting, eating, exercising, kinda in that order) for a good four months. People there told us they thought we rehearsed our set, which is probably one of the best compliments (or insults?) an improviser can get.

Or the iO West student team that I am also very fortunate to be working with.  Whispers from the grapevine tell me that we’ll be playing at the Neon Venus on May 13th, AND that we’ll be getting paid.  Not much, mind you, but I have high hopes that I’ll be able to buy at least half a beer.  On a side note, I never really envisioned myself ever really getting to the point where I’m getting paid to perform improv, but hey, half beers are totally my thing.

And lastly, having the chance not only to watch high quality improv shows at iO West, but to learn from the performers themselves.  So Mike, Molly, Seth, Megan, Opening Night, Four Letter Words, and Spaceman’s Promise, thanks.  I think I should say that I’m writing this on the heels of probably the improvisationally (WordPress says that’s not a word.  Wordpress also says WordPress isn’t a word. Neither is WordPress.) busiest chunk of time in my young supple life, starting with last Sunday’s class, Monday’s Spaceman rehearsal, Tuesday’s Four Letter Words rehearsal, Thursday’s Four Letter Words open dress rehearsal, Friday’s Opening Night show, Saturday’s Four Letter Words set, this Sunday’s class, this Sunday’s Dhruv’s one man show, and tomorrow’s Spaceman rehearsal. All that pretty much means that Hollywood has temporarily surpassed Robot as my second home, and that I have no regard at all for constructing proper English sentences. Seriously, that run on was roughly comparable to Lebron’s traveling by the way. But to get back to the point (if there is one), even though you all made my last week and a half probably the most uncertain, yet filled with saying yes and agreeing and committing and making choices and listening and going back to the last line, thanks for reminding me that it’s also nice to be able to make life up sometimes too.


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