Tongue in cheek interview

Here’s a quick quiz from this class called “Is Grace How You See God?”, where questions are made up and the grades don’t matter.  I think I failed (or passed, depending on how you look at it).

1. Are you angry when things go well for others, especially when you feel that they are less deserving?

Angry Hedgehog: What? Of course, I’m always angry, as my moniker describes. Also, damage multiplier when others receive something that I want.  Good Lord, I’m juvenile.

Grade: 0/1

2. Are you angry when things don’t go well for you, especially when you feel like you deserve it?

AH: Grunt! Who’s writing these dumb questions anyway? The Berkeley Law admissions committee?

Grade: 0/2

3. Do you have a lack of forgiveness, especially when someone close to you lets you down?

AH: I usually do the letting down. This is a push, because as much as I hate to admit it, it really depends on the person and whether or not I’m menstruating.  Now that I think about it, I’m probably more apt to forgiving someone who lets me down IF they are close to me, which means that Stanley Lam could probably get away with kicking me in the testicles.  LA drivers, not really.

Grade: 0.5/3

4. Are non-Christians attractive to you?

AH: Guffaw! Immature cackle! Well, stereotypically, non-Christians are less prone to wearing full body outfits that only leave the feet showing.  Seriously though, yes.  The groups that I’m most involved in are the ultra-macho, testosterone driven MMA community, the hyper-sexual/progressive performing arts community, and the LGBT community.  Oh, and I work with probably the closest we have nowadays to the socially downtrodden — the communities most affected by HIV/AIDS.

Grade: 1.5/4


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