Alright, slight maybe obvious disclaimer: none of these are necessary or sufficient.  And eight? Do I look easy or something?!  (Some of these will actually coincide quite nicely with Day 8.)  Regardless, there are no hard and fast rules for me; it really depends on the person and the moment.

1. Make me laugh.

2. Play quirky pretend games with me.

3. Be interested in things that I’m interested in, and allowing me to be interested in what you are interested in.

4. Independence.  Yeah, it’s kind of weird, but seeing someone who has a strong sense of who they are and what they want in life is something I really like.

5. Be able to put up with me.  Hell, if you can put up with me for any sort of extended period of time, you pass the first test.

6. Show me that you love me through time.  (Yes, I’m a hypocrite)

7. Accept my flaws! (And yell at me later)

8. Honesty.


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