Image1. I am extremely afraid of needles, knives, and other sharp things. I’ve gotten panic attacks from having to prick myself and be pricked by others.  I am meticulously careful about cutting things as well and handling anything with a blade.  This includes butter knives.

2. I have two tattoos.  They happen to be on parts of my body that I love to flex. Holla.

3. I have absolute pitch that’s slow, which makes sense given my discontinuation of formal musical training.  Either that or I have relative pitch/pitch memory that is so good that it masquerades as being absolute.

4. I don’t like shaking hands with people.  This is probably because I have really itchy eczema on my hands and because my superpower is to sweat profusely from them.

5. I really think that one of the best ways to learn about a culture, aside from physical immersion, is through it’s language.  The snapshot of a language at any time provides quite a bit of insight into what the culture finds important, not important, and so on.  Right now, I’m still stumbling through Taiwan, left Latin America (a while back), and just got into Brazil.

6. I’m a huge fan of paper football.  If you play with me, please allow me to explain the Official Expanded Rules of Paper Football, which has new and improved features such as “Time Outs”, “Kickoffs”, “Two point conversions”, “Field Goals”, and so forth.

7. UCLA was my first public school experience.  Before that, my sheltered ass went to Challenger School (K-8), Bellarmine College Preparatory (all boys, private Jesuit high school), and I will be going to Duke for law school. Word.

8. I probably have a couple extra stomachs lying around just for the purpose of eating ice cream. I did the Fenton’s (from Up) challenge sometime back in 2009.  15 minutes to eat three pounds of ice cream and half a pound of toppings.  Unfortunately, even if you complete the challenge, you still have to pay, but at least you get a t-shirt!

9. I’m a white belt in relationships and brown belt in Sudoku.  Tongue out of cheek ranking: I’m a blue belt in BJJ.


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