1.  You are the reason why I am Angry Hedgehog.  Aside from biological reasons, you’ve influenced me in more ways than I can imagine.  Although I vowed never to become like you, through some sort of self-fulfilling prophecy or cosmic irony, I ended up running so far that I inadvertently ended up where you began — funny thing, I don’t mind. Now that I’ve caught up to you, let’s talk.  I wonder if you were an Angry Hedgehog when you were my age too.

2. You were a brother to me, and literally, from another mother.  I hated how people couldn’t tell us apart, how some of our jokes and sayings amalgamated into this singular persona.  With that said, I was always pretty jealous of you.

3. I have a tendency to only have one close male friend at one time.  The first bona fide one was #2, then #4, but you’ve always been up there.  These past couple years have shown that, and much more.  I look up to you as a brother and a mentor.  Even though we joke (blaspheme) about your wisdom, all jokes are based in truth, yeah?

4.  In high school, I had always thought in my own pretentiousness that someone not raised in my faith could never express the same amount of love, compassion, care, and forgiveness as us.  Despite what happened between us, you have constantly proved me wrong in that regard.

5.  I was always wary of saying the right thing around you.  I’ve only recently realized that nothing I say will be right for you, and that’s why I haven’t said anything to you since.

6.  You are my doppleganger from another universe.  Except you’re a girl.  I still think it’s funny how two people incubated in environments that are almost exactly the same can still end up having such different worldviews and perspectives.  I admire your mental fortitude, but sometimes I get the feeling that you’re hiding something precious, innocent, and fragile inside that you’re afraid of letting me see.

7.  I’m happy that you’ve moved on, that you’ve found happiness, love, and purpose (along with multiple Disneyland trips. I keep up with the times).  I’m sad that you had to endure such a long period of bitterness, discontent, and selfishness to get there (and no Disneyland trips).

8. The number eight is one that can signify completeness — in musical bars (4/4 at least) or musical scales, etc.  You do as well.

9.  The first year, I thought you hated me. The second year, I thought I hated you.  The third year, I thought I liked you.  The fourth year…

10. I kinda didn’t like you at first, but that was only because other people didn’t.  Now that I know you more, I see a lot of me in you.  And mostly only the good parts.  I’m also secretly glad that we’ll be able to perform together in April, because you make me laugh a lot.


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