Oh hai, ku!

Today I went to Starbucks(TM, Inc, LLC) and instead of studying, I felt a sudden urge to write haikus. Here they are. Most are about my friends, but others are on weightier issues like jiu-jitsu or something, and some are about random people at Starbucks. Go figure.

There is a doctor

He’s learning about first aid

Belatedly much?


Still thinking of you

Waiting for you to chat me

Perhaps it’s in vain.


You’re good at acting

Made it seem like it was real

But I’m just a tool


Religion is fun

It’s been used a lot before

But never for love


Dry as a desert

Your words chafe like a hot wind

I still like the sand


I can’t play spider

De la Riva is foreign

Simple things work best


I see a celeb

He is covering his face

I forget his name


Tight on top and down

Finite possibilities

Don’t make fun of me


This is kind of fun

You just have to count them right

I hate my finals


I front real hard

Trying to obscure myself

Look at me! I’m busy!


I’m afraid of this:

When we are finally friends

Is when we won’t be


Haiku expression

Too much counting with fingers

I look like a kid.


END. happy finals.


One comment on “Oh hai, ku!

  1. Brian (with Jeannette) says:

    Just read your haikus
    Wonder who they are about
    Did I count that right?

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