Retreat from Personality

LCC Retreat was this weekend. In some strange sense I feel fulfilled, but unfulfilled at all these things that I wanted to do, and seeing all these things that I haven’t done. Sorry, Killers. Anyway, logistically, near flawless. Technically, it went really well.

I will try to explain to myself what exactly happened at afterparty. So it was kind of weird, because I ended up just talking with Julie and Tobit for 20% of the time. 1% was trying to cockblock, and 50% was sulking or eating dinner or being moody. Anyway, it was just such an emotional and mental drain of being done with retreat that I literally retreated upstairs.  I was fine, but a shipload of people asked me if I was okay, which was fine at first but then I actually felt not okay.  For some reason I just couldn’t deal with all the craziness and stuff that was going on, and my social mind decided to make like a Charizard and F me in my butt.  Expectation unfulfilled x100. Anyway, I’m just sad because I don’t want G-15 to think I’m some emo loner boy. Whatever. Maybe I am.


One comment on “Retreat from Personality

  1. andrea mae says:

    love thyself :]
    everyone has their emo loner boy moments. take them as moments when God wants to have all your attention ;]

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