In the City and a Eulogy

City animals are so different from forest animals. They have different ways of life, different mindsets, what have you. I’d rather be a forest animal, but being a city animal is kind of appealing…

I’ve never really been one to excel athletically. I guess I was reminded of this because of Andrea’s pseudo-crush-boyfriend-it’s complicated Jeremy L. (I’m not typing in the full name in case he searches his name in a rash of narcissism and chances upon this hedgeblog. Anyway, he is like Harvard superstar, and he’s been featured on Time and ESPN and whatnot. I’m horribly uncoordinated (which is why I do jiu jitsu ha!), and I tend to freeze up when the pressure’s on (I have to catch a ball or make a shot or whatever). The only sport though, that I remember that I was good at, was soccer. Like I was the best player on my team, probably one of the best in my league. Maybe my hands were cursed, but I was blessed with above average speed, agility, and kicking power. I wouldn’t say that my ball handling was far above average, but I was pretty accurate and could score from maybe 30-40 yards out.

In that sense, it’s kind of hard for me to let go of past glories, of the fact that I was leading scorer on my team for two years and leading scorer for my middle school. It’s hard for me to forget how much I enjoyed going to the park for hours with my dad shooting, dribbling, and passing. Swimming was never fun for me, and jiu jitsu came with its slew of injuries and frustrations, as a sport that doesn’t come naturally usually brings. It’s even harder to let go of the fact that my grass allergies eventually forced me to stop playing (I break out in hives when I touch grass for a short time now), but everything comes back to beginnings. A new blog, a new generation, a new year, etc. etc. The past is great, but hey, it wasn’t until Mr. Incredible began to look towards the future again that he got where he is now.


One comment on “In the City and a Eulogy

  1. andrea mae says:

    you posted at retreat?! or did you not correct the time settings, haha. I like this! :]

    I think a lot of the times it’s easy to focus on what WAS good (and even easier: what was BAD), but I like your reminder to look forward. hm. i email you…

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