Up Date

So I remember watching Up with Andrea. She cried. Just like she cried during Fantastic Mr. Fox. I’m not one to make New Years resolutions, but I do think setting Goals are a great idea in terms of being able to see how you’ve progressed (kinda like journaling!?). Here we go (I got a big ego…)…GOALS (not resolutions) for 2010!

1. Be nicer/more patient/what have you in my relationship.

2. Get in another script for LCC.

3. Read the Bible more!


5. Graduate. This goes without saying….

6. Try and go to AACF more…or at all.

7. Get better at grappling.

If I hit 1/3 of these (yes, I know that comes out to 2 1/3) I’ll be happy. I also really like this font! WHAT IS IT!


One comment on “Up Date

  1. andrea mae says:

    no tattoooooo plzzzz aughhhhhh

    the font is georgia in the text input box.
    and it’s verdana out here. ahhaha.


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