More beginnings

I think this would be a more fitting post for the tag of beginnings. Beginning of a new year, decade, quarter, week (tomorrow). I’m looking forward to the end of school. With that said, it’s been a rather slow Saturday. Things I could do:

1. QT. I know this one is the “right answer”. Maybe later.

2. Hedgeblog. On it right now.

3. Emails. I know this is also the “right answer”. Later as well.

4. Writing scripts. As it stands right now, my script is eerily similar to compadre Tobit Capati’s Old Radio. Maybe I shouldn’t have titled it Ancient Walkman.

5. Law school research. Surprisingly, this one is the most appealing. Go me.

6. Watch Texas Tech play some random team that I don’t remember. I don’t really give a crap about either team.

7. Eat. Yep, right answer.


One comment on “More beginnings

  1. Conroy Gibson says:

    I will declare copyright infringement on Ancient Walkman

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